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Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club (KASC)

Knutsford Leisure Centre, Westfield Drive, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0BL

Child Protection Policy in the Swim 21 documents

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport

Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club complies with the ASA Child Protection Policy and Procedures. National Standards have been developed by the NSPCC that aim to promote best practice so that a safe environment for children and young people is achieved.

The principles behind these Standards are:

  • Children and young people have a right to enjoy sport, free from all forms of abuse and exploitation.
  • All children and young people have equal rights to protection from harm.
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • Sporting organisations have a duty of care to children and young people who take part in sport.

To this end Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club acknowledge their Duty of Care towards all our members and are committed to a practice that protects children from harm.

  • All staff and volunteers have been checked via the Criminals Record Bureau.
  • Staff and volunteers in this organisation are required to accept and recognise their responsibility to develop awareness of the issues that cause children harm. Training in this area is provided and promoted.

We prioritise the sharing of information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers.

We acknowledge our responsibility towards sharing information about concerns with agencies that need to know and involving parents and children appropriately. Any incidents/complaints will be recorded in line with ASA policy. This will be undertaken in accordance with the ASA guidance on confidentiality and information sharing.

Contacting Us

Should any swimmer or parent/carer or any other person wish to raise any issue related to child welfare please contact the Club’s Welfare Officer, details on the noticeboard.

Other Contacts:

  • ASA swim line - 0808 100 4001
  • NSPCC Help line - 008 800 5000
Child Protection Policy last updated on 18-May-2014

Session Times

Day Start time End Allows Allocated Swimmers Costing
Sunday 17-15 UTC 18-15 UTC asa level 11 16 Junior Squad Extras
17-15 UTC 18-15 UTC asa level 7 asa level 8 10 Upper Red Extras
18-15 UTC 20-15 UTC asa level 12 36 Senior Squad extras
Tuesday 18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 7 asa level 8 9 Upper Red Extras
18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 11 16 Junior Squad Extras
19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 asa level 12 34 Senior Squad extras
Wednesday 19-00 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 asa level 12 32 Senior Squad extras
Thursday 20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level 11 asa level 12 19 Thursday Invitational
Friday 20-00 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 12 Friday Invitational
Saturday 07-30 UTC 09-00 UTC asa level 12 asa level 12 38 senior Squad
09-00 UTC 10-00 UTC asa level 11 33 Junior Squad
10-00 UTC 10-30 UTC asa level 8 24 Widths to Red
10-30 UTC 11-00 UTC asa level 7 29 Widths to Red
11-00 UTC 11-30 UTC asa level 6 30 Widths to Red
11-30 UTC 12-00 UTC asa level 1 asa level 2 asa level 3 asa level 4 asa level 5 20 Widths to Red
12-00 UTC 12-30 UTC asa level 1 asa level 2 asa level 3 asa level 4 asa level 5 19 Widths to Red
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