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Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club (KASC)

Knutsford Leisure Centre, Westfield Drive, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0BL


Swimming will continue as normal, for all swimmers, over the half term break.

Nutrition in the Swimmers Guides documents

Diet is a vital ingredient in the successful swimmer's armoury. Young swimmers who train a lot during the week need to make sure they are eating the correct types of food which will keep their bodies well fuelled and also able to build that vital extra muscle. Of all the food groups protein is most important, but it is also important to use the correct sources for your protein.

Sources of Protein: Egg; Chicken; Fish (from the chippy can be fatty) Steak (Not too much red meat); Quorn (Just like chicken); Baked Beans; Other Beans and Pulses; Milk (Skimmed or Semi); Cheese (But also fatty) ;

Foods to Avoid

Foods to avoid: Processed meats (pre-packed ham / chicken slices); Salty foods (Bacon, Gammon) Foods high in additives (Packet Soups, Crisps, Sweets)

Good Food

Vegetables and fruit: Always eat your fruit and veg. These are good sources of vitamins and minerals - all vital in growing healthy bodies.

Drinks / Hydration: We always emphasise the merits of hydration when swimming. The body still sweats when swimming and amazingly you can become dehydrated even when up to your neck in water. Avoid very sugary drinks as these can cause hypoglycaemia - the body processes the sugar very quickly then runs out suddenly, which can leave you feeling trembly weak and light headed. Definitely avoid fizzy drinks especially just before swimming - they will cause bloating and sickness.

Before Competitions

Pre-Competition: Always eat at least 2 hours before a competition or training. This gives the stomach time to empty itself and ensure the blood is full of nutrients. Try to eat foods with lower Glycaemic indexes - this means they release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and keep you going for longer. These are foods like Pasta, Rice, new potatoes, Apples, Strawberries, cherries, dried apricots.

Nutrition last updated on 21-Sep-2011

Session Times

Day Start time End Allows Allocated Swimmers Costing
Sunday 15-30 UTC 16-00 UTC asa level 5 9 Transition
15-30 UTC 16-00 UTC asa level 6 15 Transition
16-00 UTC 16-30 UTC asa level 8 30 Development Group
16-30 UTC 17-30 UTC asa level 11 29 Junior Squad
17-30 UTC 19-00 UTC asa level 12 40 Senior Squad
Tuesday 18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 5 asa level 6 16 Transition Extras
18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 8 17 Development Extras
19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 26 Senior Squad Extras
Wednesday 19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 29 Senior Squad Extras
Thursday 19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC asa level 8 13 Development Extras
19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC asa level 11 16 Junior Squad Extras
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level asa level 12 5 Masters Swim
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level 12 15 Senior Squad Extras
Saturday 07-15 UTC 08-45 UTC asa level 12 29 Senior Squad Extras
08-45 UTC 09-45 UTC asa level 11 15 Junior Squad Extras
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