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Knutsford Amateur Swimming Club (KASC)

Knutsford Leisure Centre, Westfield Drive, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0BL

New Head Coach

I am delighted to announce that Simon Pickering has been appointed as the new Head Coach for Knutsford Vikings.

Simon is a UKCC L3 qualified swimming coach and has been involved in swimming all of his life – both as a competitive swimmer and in a coaching capacity. His last position was as Director of Swimming at a large British school in the Middle East and prior to that as a full time, head coach in Suffolk. He was also a squad coach to several clubs in the Midland area.

Simon is also a capable swimming teacher and has worked in many organisations teaching a range of abilities including adults.

During his time in Suffolk in 2009, he achieved international success when he coached 21 year old Stephanie Bird to a gold medal at the IPC European Swimming Championship. Two years later, he achieved his first ‘world record’ holder, when Jessica-Jane Applegate broke the women’s disability S14 50m freestyle record. Jessica later went on to win gold at the London 2012 Para-Olympics.

Simon and his family moved to Northwich in July 2015 and he is currently studying an MA in Education, with a view to becoming a qualified primary school teacher.

Please make Simon very welcome, when he starts his new position on Tuesday 27th June.

Stephen Petty

Team Manager in the Job Descriptions documents

As well as supporting and enforcing the club’s policies for equity and child protection the Team Manager will:

  • Support the Head Coach in team selection using software
  • Promote the events on the notice board and website
  • Ensure that arrangements are made for the transport to the event for the team
  • Ensure the team arrive at the appropriate venue
  • Ensure that athletes report in good time for each event
  • Ensure that all appropriate athletes are registered to swim in the appropriate competitions/events
  • Ensure that team behaviour is controlled
  • Promote team spirit
  • Follow and promote the ASA Child Protection Policy
  • Co-ordinate poolside helpers
  • Hold record of emergency contacts and relevant individual medical issues
Team Manager last updated on 24-Feb-2010

Session Times

Day Start time End Allows Allocated Swimmers Costing
Sunday 15-30 UTC 16-00 UTC asa level 8 16 Lower Development
16-00 UTC 16-30 UTC asa level 8 27 Upper Development
16-30 UTC 17-30 UTC asa level 11 33 Junior Squad
17-30 UTC 19-00 UTC asa level 12 34 Senior Squad
Tuesday 18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 8 12 Lower Dev Extra
18-30 UTC 19-30 UTC asa level 8 17 Upper Dev Extras
19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 26 Senior Squad Extras
Wednesday 19-30 UTC 21-00 UTC asa level 12 27 Senior Squad Extras
Thursday 19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC asa level 8 12 Upper Dev Extras
19-00 UTC 20-00 UTC asa level 11 19 Junior Squad Extras
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level 5 Masters Swim Third Term
20-00 UTC 21-30 UTC asa level 12 14 Senior Squad Extras
Saturday 07-15 UTC 08-45 UTC asa level 12 26 Senior Squad Extras
08-45 UTC 09-45 UTC asa level 11 16 Junior Squad Extras
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